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How to Help your Child Read Without Wasting Time and Money

"The Reading Guide for Parentsā€¯ is designed specifically for parents who are feeling bombarded.

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1. Who is Impacted by Americaā€™s Reading Crisis:
Learn about the widespread effects of the current literacy challenges and understand why it's crucial to address them now.

2. What Pre-Reading Skills Are Critical for Success:
Identify the essential skills your child needs before they even begin formal reading instruction, setting a strong foundation for their literacy journey.

3. Why Another Phonics Program May Not Be Enough:
Find out why phonics alone isn't the complete answer and explore a holistic approach to enhance your childā€™s reading development, ensuring a well-rounded literacy experience.

Meet Theresa...

Reading Coach for Parents

Exhausted Parent, Frustrated Teacher

Even with an advanced degree in education and experience as a reading teacher, I felt the stress of helping my three children at home. With the flood of resources, overwhelming body of research and communication with the school I always wondered if I could be doing more.

I know the secret to reading success and how to explain it to parents in clear and simple terms.

My goal is to simplify your life by providing the tools you need to make high quality decisions and help you communicate successfully with the teachers.

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