Are you someone who is...

  • feeling frustrated helping your child read.

  • relying on the way you were taught to read¬†and feeling like it isn't working.

  • worried that your child isn't making the progress you would expect.

  • hearing the term "Science of Teaching Reading" and want to know if it is something you can rely on.¬†

If so... Then you've come to the right place!

Meet Theresa

The Reading Coach for Parents

I entered graduate school as an optimistic 21 year old excited to make a difference in children's lives.

Little did I know that the reading philosophy being taught at my university produces dismal results. Unfortunately, I am the rule, not the exception. Generations of teachers like me were misguided, but today we see hope. 

As an undergraduate, my favorite elective was Developmental Speech and Language which relied on brain research to provide insight into how we learn. For thirty years I wondered why teachers, administrators or curriculum publishers never referenced brain research when discussing literacy. 

I did everything I could think of to help my students and my own children but there was no clear path, no specific instructions.

My instincts told me that what I had been taught in my credentialing program wasn't working but what was the alternative.

Finally, eight years ago, three decades into my career and two decades into parenting, I began working as a consultant for a reading program that made sense. It was crafted around research and evidence. It provided a certain path to success.

Most parents were taught to read using a failed system. I believe you deserve the truth about reading presented in a manner that makes sense to parents. I am dedicated to providing strategies so families can live their lives with Less Stress, More Success!

Charlie made me do it...

It was time to make a change and I wasn't sure what to do. After leaving the classroom, I spent 30 years building a career in curriculum publishing and Ed-Tech. For 23 of those years, I balanced career and raising a family. I needed to do something different but had no idea what was next.

Enter the best hair stylist ever. She keeps me in blonde highlights and gives me a cute cut I can manage. Her son, Charlie, had started Kindergarten and she kept asking me questions about how she could help her son. She was trying to duplicate how she learned to read and it wasn't working. She was frustrated and exhausted.

As the advice came flowing out of my mouth I heard myself say, "I need to help the parents." She breathed a sigh of relief and said, "Yes, please help us." 

I left the salon on a mission to reduce the stress parents feel about helping their children read!

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I can help you;

  • Spend more quality time with your child.
  • Feel less stress and anxiety about reading instruction.

  • Create a constructive relationship with the teacher.

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Start learning today so you can stop stressing and help your child immediately.

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Start the course today so you can stop stressing and help your child immediately.

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Reading Guide for Parents: Unpacking the Process

Parents often find themselves navigating the longstanding debate over the most effective way to teach reading. With decades of data showing that most students are below expectations by grade 4, schools are changing their approach to reading instruction based on brain imaging research. Discover the new road map to success and learn two key strategies you can start using today. This guide is specifically designed for parents to unlock the full potential of their child's reading journey.